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Wendy Lloyd Curley is a dynamic person who is passionate about everything she does. With creative energy, an engaging presentation style, humour, business savvy, and authenticity, Wendy brings a wealth of experience and sensibility to her audience.


As co-author of the Amazon best-selling book, Building the Ultimate Network, Wendy provided a no-nonsense approach to networking specifically designed for network marketing professionals. Through her own experience in a global network marketing company, Wendy has become a proud, successful advocate for the direct marketing business model.


Now a speaker, trainer, and leader in her field, Wendy is sharing her insights and experience to help others grow their businesses to new heights.


wendy lloyd curley


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Candle Wendy: As "Wendy the Candle Lady," Wendy runs a highly successful Direct Selling business in Australia. Wendy has been affiliated with PartyLite ( as a client since 1996 and an independent consultant since 2005.

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Networking and Training Wendy: Initially as a mechanism to grow her business, and then as a vehicle to help others grow their businesses, Wendy is an active networker and trainer. She constantly trains and motivates her expanding team in sales, service, and networking skills. Her leadership in her BNI chapter (BNI All About Business) (twice voted Member of the Year by her fellow members) and her expanding director role, developing and training new BNI chapters, are also testament to her strength and abilities in this area.

Musician Wendy: Singing and playing the guitar in several bands across Sydney, Wendy is a member of Concord Joe (4 piece original and covers rock band), the Bell (3 piece original and covers acoustic folk rock), and Wen & Bendy (a duo with their own favourite, handpicked, classic songs, acoustic guitars and beautiful harmonies). (Photo credit: Zoom in with Eden.)

Corporate Wendy: With an MBA and a Master of International Management, Wendy started her business life in B2B telecommunications companies in the US and in Australia. Her strategic focus made her especially valuable in marketing, finance, strategic partnerships, and mergers & acquisitions. In 2005, Wendy escaped from this corporate world for her (much preferred) entrepreneurial life.

That said, Wendy does happily share her high-touch customer relationship tools with business who want to create high value customer relationships.

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